Health Official Insists Obamacare Exchanges Are Sustainable

The man closest to the implementation of Obamacare told Congress that the handful of states with their own Obamacare exchanges are self-sustaining and doing a slightly better job at cutting their ranks of uninsured than states that rely on the federal website.

Yet Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said he does not know if any of them will follow the lead of Oregon, Nevada and Hawaii, and abandon their portals because of technological and financial woes.

“I can’t predict who’s going to come into the federal exchange,” Mr. Slavitt told the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Committee Republicans said they aren’t convinced that web-based markets set up under the Affordable Care Act will be able to survive, and they’re angry that some states received millions in start-up grants and then ditched their exchanges.