Health Group ‘Superbugged’ by Antibiotic Misuse

A health group is renewing their push for stricter Food and Drug Administration regulations that would prohibit farmers from giving antibiotics to livestock to compensate for poor living conditions and help them grow faster.

The group warns that antibiotics may be less effective on people who are sick because they are being overused on farm animals, which gives bacteria more opportunities to learn how to defeat the antibiotic, creating what is known as a “superbug.”

In fact, 80 percent of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are given to livestock, rather than people, according to Food Policy Action.

“Each year, more than 20,000 people die and 2 million people are sickened as a result of infections resistant to antibiotics,” the group said.

More than 128,000 people have signed their petition calling for legislation that would prevent farmers from using antibiotics on their livestock for any purpose other than to treat a sick animal.