Harvard Sex Week Denounces Islamophobia

Harvard Sex Week is a little reminder that what used to be a top notch repository of learning is now a Weimar Republic cabaret with a $58,000 admission fee. The Harvard Sex Week is not really about sex. Obviously. It’s about politicized narratives that distort human sexuality while ranting about how white people are evil. Because the left’s idea of sexuality is involves denouncing white privilege.

And the entire politically correct cabaret wouldn’t be complete without a complete inversion by addressing Islamophobia. Because if there’s two things that go together it’s angry gay activists demanding absolute sexual freedom and Islam.

There was also “Brown Girlz Do it Well: a Queer Diaspora Remix,” described as “a discussion on explore (sic) our own narratives of family, queerness, and diaspora. The intention is to situate our personal narratives within broader systems of racism, casteism, classism, islamophobia, and imperialism.”

That actually appears to involve Dark Matters which features two gay men (you don’t actually think Brown Girlz would refer to women. That would be so passe) who pretend to be women (that’s my best guess anyway) and really hate white people and Jews.