Guess What America’s Second-Grade Boys Are Using Their School-Issued iPads For

This week’s meeting of the Encinitas Union School District board of trustees was a contentious one because a slew of parents turned up complaining that their sons were looking at pornography and other inappropriate material on school-issued iPads.

Five of the outraged parents spoke at the meeting in Encinitas, a laidback beach town about 30 miles north of San Diego, reports the Seaside Courier, a local newspaper.

An angry father said his seven-year-old son ogled some porn after a classmate had downloaded the sexual subject matter at home and brought it to school on a taxpayer-funded iPad.

A mad mother said she was traumatized after seeing porn on her son’s tablet computer.

A second frustrated father — this one an information technology specialist — told school board members that he had successfully added a filter for inappropriate material to his son’s iPad. However, the kid’s teacher wiped the filter right off the very next day.