Growing Number of Americans Demand School Choice, Thousands of Rallies Planned

More than 11,000 rallies and events focusing on school choice are planned this week across the country, and Democrats have been encouraged to embrace this growing demand or face backlash from constituents in upcoming elections.

Parents and advocates of school choice are planning to make their voices heard this week as part of National School Choice Week, which runs through Jan. 31.

As part of SCW, events in the hundreds are planned in dozens of states. More than a thousand events focusing on school choice are scheduled in numerous states. In Florida, 1,455 events are scheduled; in California 1,014 events are planned, and Texas is expected to have 801 events.

The number of events this year for SCW has grown compared to the last few years, doubling in size from last year alone.

NSCW has several partners advocating for school choice and its expansion. The Institute for Justice senior attorney Bert Gall told the Washington Free Beacon by email, “School choice is on the rise like never before. There are now over 50 school-choice programs in 25 states that give parents both public and private school options, and about half of those programs have been enacted in just the past five years.”