Government Spends Money to Create Obesity Epidemic & Then Regulates Us to “Help”

I mentioned two days ago the decision of schools to ban birthday cupcakes. Michelle Obama is essentially fighting with students to get them to change what they eat.

But what is missing from this story is the proper context. The fact is that our bad eating habits are getting encouraged by taxpayer money. In fact, the government arguably changed our dietary habits to their present behavior.

The Foundation for Economic Education came out with an article yesterday about dealing with “food deserts.”

A food desert is defined as an urban neighborhood or rural town without access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. The argument goes that lack of access leads to poor dietary choices and a higher incidence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Supposedly, these 23 million are stuck in these “food deserts.” The assumption is that this is a market failure which can and must be corrected by government.