GOP’s Issa Ready for Final Assault on Obamacare

One of the Obama administration’s harshest congressional critics will get a final high-profile shot when the House Oversight Committee grills witnesses about the president’s health care overhaul and a former adviser’s remark about voters’ “stupidity.”

For four years, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has used the committee chairmanship to probe and attack the administration on issues such as the IRS scandal, misplaced guns and U.S. deaths in Benghazi, Libya. Talk radio conservatives love him. But even some GOP colleagues say he overdoes the combative partisanship at times.

Issa, who surrenders the chairmanship next year due to term limits, will lead the questioning of former health adviser Jonathan Gruber. Gruber, an MIT economist, recently apologized for saying Americans’ “stupidity” was vital to passing the health law in 2010.

The committee also will question a top administration official who wants to be queried separately from Gruber.