GOP Slams Obama’s National Security Plan: ‘A World in Chaos’

Republicans bashed President Barack Obama’s national security plan on Friday, with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham charging that its emphasis on “strategic patience” has created a “world in chaos.”

“The Obama doctrine, or ‘strategic patience,’ has led to a world in chaos,” Graham said.

“The consequences of Obama’s ‘strategic patience’ are an America that is less secure and at greater risk.

“Applying more ‘patience’ to President Obama’s failed foreign policy just prolongs failure,” he said.

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe said the strategy “highlights a conflict between perception and reality.

“The president puts an emphasis on climate change as a means to address our national security, which is nothing new and not a strategy,” he added. “The reality is we live in a world where the threats to our security have grown exponentially over the last six years.

“We need a national security strategy that is driven by the threats we face today, and we need to stand with our allies and partners against the tyrants and terrorists who threaten our shared security,” Inhofe said.