GOP Slams New EPA Water Rules as Another Obama ‘Power Grab’

Republicans blasted the Obama administration on Wednesday after the EPA issued new rules to protect small streams, tributaries, and wetlands from pollution and development that House Speaker John Boehner called “a raw and tyrannical power grab that will crush jobs.”

“The rule is being shoved down the throats of hard-working people with no input, and places landowners, small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers on the road to a regulatory and economic hell,” the Ohio Republican said.

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar charged that the new regulations under the Environmental Protection Agency were based on “a foundation of pseudo-science, deception, and lawlessness.”

“The EPA has solidified itself as a rogue wing of Obama’s far-left army of environmental extremists,” the congressman said. “Like many of the president’s other executive overreaches, I doubt this new regulation will withstand judicial review.

“Hard-working Americans don’t deserve to have such a terrible proposal implemented by executive decree.”