GOP Congress Imposes Obama’s “Education” Agenda

GOP leadership and establishment Republicans in Congress stabbed their constituents in the back to ensure the success of Obama’s radical “education” agenda and codify it into federal “law,” all while deceiving the public about what the legislation actually does. Now, Obama administration Education Secretary Arne Duncan is even boasting in public about the GOP betrayal that one Democrat lawmaker celebrated as a “miracle.” And Obama called the bill a “Christmas miracle” before signing it.

While it may be a miracle to Big Government and Obama’s agenda to further federalize and dumb down American children via government schools, the massive bill, known as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), represents a disaster for real education, children, parents, liberty, and the U.S. Constitution.

Among other unconstitutional schemes, the bill reauthorizes a dizzying array of programs to usurp even more control over education from communities and states. Chief among those measures is the reauthorization of the anti-constitutional Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) through 2020. The gargantuan bill, cheerfully signed into “law” by Obama last week (see photo), also continues to mandate the unpopular and unconstitutional standardized national testing regime to enforce compliance with Washington D.C.’s dictates. Despite false claims to the contrary by lying lawmakers and special interests hoping to deceive Americans and get the bill passed, the unconstitutional legislation also cements the deeply unpopular Common Core agenda into place.

Indeed, the White House is openly bragging about it on its official website. In a statement boasting about how the bill embraces the administration’s “principles for reform,” the White House said the ESSA “affirms” Common Core’s imposition on states. The celebratory bragging even admits what every honest analyst has been saying for years: “The Obama Administration supported those efforts [to nationalize education through Common Core] through its Race to the Top grant program and the federal-state partnership established in its ESEA flexibility agreements.” In other words, using bribes and bullying, Obama was instrumental in imposing the agenda on states, just as The New American and other non-establishment sources have reported from the start despite deception from Common Core apologists. And now, thanks to deceitful Republicans in Congress, Obama is gloating that his nationalization of schools is here to stay.