GOP Asks Former ObamaCare Official: What Are You Hiding?

Sparks flew Wednesday at a hearing on the botched rollout of as Republican lawmakers grilled former White House Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Todd Park about his role in the site’s creation.

GOP members had sought for almost a year to bring Park before the House Science and Technology Committee, desiring to suss out his level of involvement in the debacle.

The administration has consistently argued he was not a key player, though he assisted greatly with the effort to fix the system by the end of November 2013.

Park ultimately testified after months of back-and-forth between Republicans and the White House. The panel issued a subpoena, though White House officials said it was unnecessary because Park had already agreed to serve as a witness voluntarily.

The event’s tone recalled the hostility of healthcare hearings last fall, as Republicans hammered Park over his claims that he did not have detailed knowledge of the problems at prior to last Oct. 1.