Gay Republican Candidates Expect Party to Embrace Same-sex Marriage

Dan Innis, one of three candidates vying to become the first gay Republican newly elected to the U.S. House, says it is only a matter of time before the GOP as a whole embraces same-sex marriage.

Despite the party’s platform opposing gay marriage, the two other candidates — Richard Tisei in Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District and Carl DeMaio in California’s 52nd Congressional District — agreed with Mr. Innis, saying GOP leaders are out of step on issues of individual freedom ranging from gay rights to abortion, surrendering young voters who might otherwise vote Republican.

“I think as people like me run and get out into the communities and make a positive difference — and as we win, and people in the party get to know us — that will go away,” Mr. Innis, a former business school dean, said after a recent meet-and-greet here in New Hampshire, where the state legislature passed a gay marriage law in 2009. “Five years from now, we will no longer be having this conversation.”

Mr. Innis is running for a seat in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.