Gay Activists on Transgender 8-Year-Old ‘Coming Out’: ‘Pint-Size Hero’

Gay activists are hailing an eight-year-old girl for “coming out” to her mother as transgender in a video filmed at Camp Aranu’tiq, a camp for “transgender and gender variant youth.” In the video, the girl – dressed like a boy – tells her mother that she is her son.

“It looks like we just found our new pint-size hero,” an article posted on Huffington Post’s Gay Voices section stated. “Alex hasn’t even left elementary school but he already has a firm grasp on his identity and what it means to be transgender.”

“So I was just a little kid about 7 or 8 and I had something to say that could no longer wait,” the child sings or raps in the video. “So I went to my mom that hot day in July with a hope in my heart and a tear in my eye.

“Basically I said this girl is your son,” the child sings.

“We’re absolutely in love with this kid,” the Post article states, giving a “hat tip” to Queerty, the website with the tag line “free of an agenda except that gay one,” which first posted the story and video.