Free Birth Control for Unemployed Women

As of April, almost half of the working age population, or 93,194,000 people — 56,167,000 of whom are women — were not in the labor force. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), to be considered “not in the labor force” a person must neither be working nor have looked for a job during the previous month.

With all the talk from the left about pay equity for women, one can’t help but wonder if girls realize who it is that’s ultimately responsible for their being without a job. After all, isn’t it Barack Obama and the left who pride themselves on being the political party that looks out for America’s women and minorities? If so, why then are both women and minorities suffering so much during Obama’s job-choking stint in the White House?

Despite the female labor force participation rate hitting a Jimmy Carter-ish 27-year low of  56.6 percent under Obama, liberals continue to trumpet their purported woman-friendly policies, and do it while ignoring the fact that more than half of the female workforce can’t find a job.