Fr. Pavone: Legalized Abortion Is Leading America Into Tyranny

Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, says that legalized abortion not only betrays America’s founding principles of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” it is leading the nation into tyranny.

“We have betrayed our founding principles in such a big way. Being pro-life is essential to the American state. It’s one of the things America stands for,” Pavone told

“In Section 20 of Evangelium Vitae (“The Gospel of Life”) St. John Paul II says that where states legalize abortion, they cease to be true democracies, where everyone can find a common welcome,” he added. “They become tyrannical states where the strong are allowed to attack the weak, and there’s no appeal, no recourse. The disintegration of the state itself begins once that act of violence is allowed.”