Former VA Official Testifies About Illegal Removal Of Whistleblower In Phoenix

A former Department of Veterans Affairs official in Phoenix has signed a sworn statement testifying of serious retaliation against a whistleblower almost immediately after he appeared in the media.

In early August, Laurie Butler, who formerly worked as the acting human resources officer, signed an affidavit saying she attended a meeting with Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System director Glen Grippen in January. The day prior, whistleblower Brandon Coleman had appeared on ABC 15 news for an interview on employees illegally accessing medical records and improperly handling suicidal veterans. He also contacted members of Congress, as well as the Office of Special Counsel.

At the meeting, officials reportedly discussed potential responses. Butler was present at the meeting, and according to her account, Grippen asked if it was possible to terminate Coleman’s employment or “put Coleman on Administrative Absence.”