Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Explains the Tissue Donation Process

For eight years, Abby Johnson, who used to work for a branch of Planned Parenthood, didn’t just witness the fetal tissue donation process—she participated in it.

During her tenure at a southeast Texas clinic—the same location featured in the fifth undercover video shot by the Center for Medical Progress—Johnson said she would “coerce” women to sign up for studies, then reap the financial benefits.

In 2009, a year after being named “Employee of the Year” at her clinic, Johnson, 35, said she witnessed a doctor performing an abortion on an ultrasound and quit her job.

The former clinic director has since become a pro-life activist, regularly criticizing Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices. The organization attempted to discredit parts of Johnson’s account and even obtained a temporary injunction against her, but Johnson was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing.