First Hard Numbers on Obamacare Enrollment

We’ve heard a lot over thte last few months about the great success of Obamacare in enrolling people in the program. But the numbers the administration and Obamacare advocates have been tossing around have been based on surveys, not actual numbers.

Now, after gathering data from states and looking at hard numbers supplied by various agencies, the Heritage Foundation has published a paper that shows employer based insurance coverage declining while there was a modest increase in the purchase of private insurance premiums.

The upshot is that Obamacare is covering far fewer net people than the administration is claiming, when considering the drop in employer coverage and the increase in private insurance coverage:

Nonetheless, this first tranche of data is highly revealing. Drew and I present the numbers and analyze them in more detail in our new report, but here are three key takeaways from the data for the six-month period of October 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014:

  • Net enrollment in the individual-coverage market grew by 2,236,942 individuals, while net enrollment in employer group coverage declined by 1,716,540 individuals.
  • The decline in employer-sponsored coverage offset 77 percent of the gain in individual-market coverage, for a net increase in private-market coverage of only 520,000 individuals during the period.