Fiorina Takes Aim at Drug Companies, Health Insurers

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina lashed out against drug companies and health insurers in her attack on ObamaCare on Tuesday, becoming the latest Republican candidate to blame industry for rising healthcare prices.

“Every healthcare provider ought to publish its costs, its prices, its outcomes because, as patients, we don’t know what we’re buying,” Fiorina said to roaring applause at the GOP debate hosted by Fox Business Network in Milwaukee, Wis.

Fiorina said both drug companies and insurers have been less than transparent about their practices, as they’ve increased the cost of healthcare.

Her attacks on the industry came in response to a question about ObamaCare’s employer mandate, which went into effect this year. Beyond repealing the full text of ObamaCare, she did not propose a specific way to alleviate the burdens of the employer mandate.