Fiorina: Parents Should Have Right to Not Vaccinate Kids

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she supports parents’ rights not to vaccinate their children for communicable diseases like the measles – but also supported public schools’ decisions to exclude those children.

“It’s always the parent’s choice,” Fiorina said while campaigning in Iowa, responding to a question from a woman who chooses not to vaccinate her five children because she believes vaccines are created using cells from “aborted babies.”

Fiorina’s comments, which were first reported by Time Magazine, are a nod to the country’s growing anti-vaccination movement – comprised of people who oppose vaccines for religious or personal reasons.

That group has come under sharp scrutiny in the last two years, with the U.S. measles case load reaching record levels, including this year’s massive outbreak from a Disneyland in California – Fiorina’s home state.