Fetus ‘Dismemberment’ Ban Legislation Touted as Abortion Game Changer

Legislation banning the “dismemberment” of a fetus is being pitched as a game changer because it could outlaw an entire type of abortion procedure, pro-life activists said.

“Dismemberment” abortions refer to procedures in which doctors use surgical instruments, such as sharp-toothed forceps, to twist and tear away the limbs of a living fetus to cause its death.

These abortions “are as brutal as the partial-birth abortion method, which is now illegal in the United States,” said the National Right to Life Committee, which developed the model legislation in the hopes that the grisliness of the procedure can fuel a national opposition campaign as happened with partial-birth abortion in the 1990s.

Kansas state Sen. Garrett Love said he will introduce the nation’s first such legislation, the Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act, by the end of January. He and other pro-life activists held a news conference last week to trumpet the strategy and its rollout in Kansas.