Feminist: There Are Zero Links Between Abortion and Mental Health

Like the Wizard of Oz who told people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, abortion advocates are desperate to draw the public’s attention away from the health problems abortion can bring to women. To that end, Amanda Marcotte has penned an article for The Guardian entitled “Why anti-choice campaigners won’t let science get in their way.”

According to Marcotte, the “anti-choicers” persistently invoke the argument that “abortion causes mental health problems for women.” This, says Marcotte, is not only a “whiff of bullying” but is unsupported by evidence.

Repeated studies, which have been blessed by the American Psychological Association, have shown there is no causal link between abortion and mental illness. Despite the disinterested assessment of the experts, though, anti-choicers have continued to push this claim.

To demonstrate the past rebuttals of the link between abortion and mental health problems, Marcotte provides a link to a summarization of the American Psychological Association (APA)’s Executive Summary of the APA Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion.

The best scientific evidence published indicates that among adult women who have an unplanned pregnancy the relative risk of mental health problems is no greater if they have a single elective first-trimester abortion than if they deliver that pregnancy.