Feds: Half Of Medicaid Doctors Listed Aren’t Accepting Patients

Turns out finding a doctor who accepts Medicaid is almost twice as difficult as many people expected.

Half the doctors listed by federal investigators are not providing appointments to Medicaid enrollees, an investigation by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services has found.

States with Medicaid-managed care providers offer listings of the dwindling number of health care providers that accept patients with Medicaid coverage, which has the lowest provider reimbursement rate of any federal program, let alone private insurance.

“Slightly more than half of providers could not offer appointments to enrollees,” the report concludes. “Notably, 35 percent could not be found at the location listed by the plan, and another 8 percent were at the location but said that they were not participating in the plan.” Another eight percent of the providers wouldn’t accept new patients.