FDA’s Guidance to Help Restaurants Comply With Calorie Rule As Confusing As Ever

New federal guidance meant to help businesses comply with the Obamacare calorie posting regulation has not made the rule any less “complex and burdensome,” a group critical of the regulation says.

The 53-page document released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week says a coupon can be a menu and offers a 109-word definition of “restaurant-type food.”

“FDA’s recent disclosure of guidelines regarding the menu labeling rule does not change the fact that the regulation remains expensive, ineffective, and unworkable,” the American Pizza Community, which represents Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars, said in a statement. “FDA’s five-month delay in providing this guidance confirms just how complex and burdensome their rules are, making compliance among small business owners both onerous and costly.”

The rules were intended to be go into effect this year, but were delayed until December 2016 after complaints that businesses did not have enough time to comply. The latest guidance is intended to help restaurant chains understand the rules.

However, the document often provides lengthy pieces of advice that provide little clarification.