Fatherhood.gov Teaches Black Fathers to Care for Their Kids

If you’re a black father reading this, have you ever wondered whether you should spend time with your kids? The federal government thinks this question stumps a lot of you, so has set up a website called Fatherhood.gov to give you some clues to the answer. The site doesn’t explicitly say “black”, but most of the photos and literature for it feature black dads.

By way of example, I was in a mall this weekend and saw a giant poster of a black man playing cards with his kids. The ad, produced by fatherhood.gov, implored fathers to spend time with their children, but the ad was obviously geared to black dads.

So I went to fathergood.gov, and found a wealth of information available.

1) There are ideas for things that black dads can do with their kids. For example, they can cook food for their children. The website implies children need to eat at regular intervals. Black dads can also spend time outside with their kids.  Not only that, but the website also suggests that black dads can spend time inside with their kids as well. For indoor activities, board games are especially recommended:

Board games especially can be a great way to build math and reading skills with younger kids while having fun!