Facebook: 58 Gender Options Aren’t Enough

Facebook used to give people the option to choose male or female for gender but quickly realized it was too limiting, so it created 58 more categories.  Then it decided that the 58 categories weren’t enough and now, in addition to them, is adding an “other” box, where you can write something in.  Let’s review some of Facebook’s 58 categories to see what’s missing from the old-fashioned “man” and “woman.”

o Neutrois – Someone who doesn’t identify with a gender at all. Good for neuters and eunuchs.

o Androgynous – Someone who has male and female characteristics, like guys in prison who take breast pills.

o Bigender – Someone who sometimes thinks he’s a guy, and sometimes a girl.  I’m not sure if large buttocks are involved.

o Cisgender – That’s the transgender name for normal people like you and me – men who think they’re men and women who think they’re women.  Personally I prefer the terms “native man” and “native woman”; like “Native American,” I was born that way.

o Female to Male – A woman in the process of becoming a male.  She may still be working on that deep voice.