Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Causes Fear Among Disabled

Things are confusing in the world today.

First, the culture, headed up by the media, tells us that we need to tolerate everyone. Hate-speech is not allowed. If someone is transgender or homosexual or a crossdresser, we are to tolerate and even embrace them because they were born that way.

Then, when we hear about disabled people, we hear how brave they are. Or, how about a terminally ill person, he is brave, too. This is, of course, true. People with disabilities and terminal illnesses are indeed brave. We are chided to use the accepted politically correct terminology when referring to people in this category. We all cheer when someone with a disability is successful or overcomes obstacles.

So, it seems we are getting the same message, right? People in the first group (transgenders, homosexuals, and crossdressers) are to be treated the same as those in the second group (those with disabilities or terminal illnesses). All people, including people in these groups deserve respect and commonly courteous treatment from their fellow people. So what’s my problem? Where is the confusion mentioned at the beginning of the page?

The confusion comes when someone who is disabled or terminally ill announces that they want to die. When that happens, the same culture and media who were calling them brave for living life to the fullest one minute, now are praising them for their decisions to end their lives in their own time. How can it they have it both ways?