Essential Oils: The Latest Craze in Alternative Medicine

Warnings by the Food and Drug Administration don’t seem to have slowed down doTERRA, the company that has made essential oils the latest craze in alternative medicine.

Enthusiasts proclaim the natural products solve everything from muscle pains to migraines to weight problems. The advocates — most often women — swear the oils, from lavender to peppermint to oregano, are saving them from antibiotics and expensive doctors visits.

What’s behind all the fuss is doTERRA, a Utah direct marketing company that entered the natural lifestyle market seven years ago and has grown to employ more than 1 million distributors who harness the power of peer marketing on social media, especially Facebook.

“Just realized it’s been 2 years since I’ve stood in ANY pharmacy line,” doTERRA distributor Hollie Silberhorn recently wrote on her Facebook wall. “As mom with 4 little kiddos, any guesses on how much time I’ve saved over 2 years? #doterra.”