EPA ‘Showers’ the People With Unwanted Regulations

If you like your shower, you probably can’t keep it once the Obama administration bureaucrats are done.

Nobody can altogether escape regulations, not even when bathing in the altogether. The Environmental Protection Agency denies wanting to compel us to shorten our showers, but that’s like President Obama denying you will lose your current doctor under Obamacare.

EPA is funding research to create hotel guest monitoring systems so the front desk can track your shower time and water usage. It’s the scariest thing since Hitchcock staged the deadly shower scene in “Psycho.”

The next step could be a water-use surcharge on your room bill. Then coin-operated systems, probably locating the slot across the room and making you walk to it, dripping everywhere. Then we may see shower-snooper systems required in every home. It’s part of the EPA’s “War on Women and Men,” launched when Congress mandated low-flow showerheads back in 1992 with George H.W. Bush’s approval.