Ebola Czar’s Lobbying Work Appears At Odds With New Role

New Ebola czar Ron Klain was hired to lobby on behalf of an organization that hoped to limit payouts in asbestos lawsuits and for a company that was heavily criticized for withholding an experimental drug from cancer patients.

That is curious work for a longtime Democratic operative who is also a board member on two prominent progressive organizations. And it also appears at odds with Klain’s new job as the Obama administration’s Ebola czar.

President Obama appointed Klain to the position on Friday to manage the administration’s handling of the emerging Ebola public health crisis after a series of missteps by the Centers of Disease Control.

The choice was immediately assailed by critics who pointed out that Klain has no medical experience. The appointment was completely politically motivated, critics have claimed. Klain has served as an aide in the Clinton and Obama White Houses.