Duck Dynasty Couple Reveal Miscarriage Struggles, Learn Life is a Gift

On the season finale of Duck Dynasty season five, the Robertsons threw an encouraging party for Jase and Missy’s daughter Mia as she prepared to have surgery for the fifth time. The brave 10-year-old, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, proceeded to have a successful bone graft operation.

Mia has endured plenty of obstacles in her first decade on earth, yet her parents understand she is a gift. Perhaps part of the reason, is due to the fact they at first suffered a miscarriage when trying for their third child:

“I’d heard of tubal pregnancies for years, but didn’t really understand the mental anguish of actually having to go in and have someone remove what could’ve been your child. It was extremely difficult, and there was a lot of pain and bleeding,” said Missy, describing her tragic ectopic third pregnancy.

But then along came Mia. After learning their daughter would be born with birth defects, Jase couldn’t help jumping to the conclusion that their daughter would be ostracized because of her appearance, he candidly shared with US Weekly:

“Here I am, worried about what she’s going to look like, while the doctors aren’t even sure she can breathe on her own. From that moment on, I stopped being so superficial. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and Missy because of how shallow we used to think.”