Dr. Alveda King: Abortion Has Killed 55 Million Potential Voters

The niece of slain civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Saturday that when President Barack Obama spoke about the right to vote in his speech in Selma, Ala., earlier that day, he failed to mention that because of abortion, some 55 million people have been denied that right.

“What the president did not say, there is a whole group of people – over 55 million – who have been denied the right to vote, because they’ve been denied the right to live,” Dr. Alveda King said.

Calling Obama’s speech “eloquent,” Fox host Gregg Jarrett asked King if she agreed with the president’s assessment that the prejudice and discrimination against blacks experienced 50 years ago when the iconic march to Selma took place is not the same today.

“I listened very intently to the president and to Congressman [John] Lewis [D-Ga.],” King said. “I could almost see my father there, on that Edmund Pettus Bridge, on Bloody Sunday, with Congressman Lewis and so many others: Hosea Williams, James Orange, and my heart is deeply touched.