DOD: Now That Women Can Serve in All Combat Roles They ‘May’ Need to Register for Selective Service

Following his announcement that he is opening all positions in the U.S. military–including all combat positions–to women who can meet the standards, Defense Secretary Ash Carter was asked on Thursday if that means women will have to register with the Selective Service,  just as men must do.

“It may,” he said.

A reporter asked Carter, “Mr. Secretary, does this decision now lead to a — a greater debate about whether women need to register for Selective Service?”

“It may do that, Phil,” Carter replied. “That is a matter of legal dispute right now, and in fact, litigation. So…I don’t know how that will turn out.

“I–by the way– the legal, that legal determination won’t affect what I announce today; that is, our timetable for the implementation of the decisions I’ve announced today. But it is an issue that’s out there. Unfortunately, it’s subject to litigation.”