Doctor, 75, Turns Himself Into Anti-Aging Poster Child

Jeffry Life, M.D., is the poster child, of sorts, for men who dream of being fit at an advanced age. You’ve probably seen photos of him in ads — with his grandfatherly face and body-builder’s physique — and figured the images were somehow enhanced or photo-shopped.

But the truth is Dr. Life is the real deal. At age 75, he has a chiseled body and rippling six-pack abs that would be the envy of any 30-year old. So what’s his secret? In his new book — “The Life Plan Diet” — he details how he transformed himself from an overweight 59-year-old borderline diabetic with high cholesterol levels and a low sex drive into the picture-perfect image of health.
In an interview with Newsmax Health, he says his experience provides a prescription for getting fit at any age and turning back the clock – beginning with getting rid of life-threatening belly fat.