Docs Show the Admin. Didn’t Care That Obamacare Website Was Riddled With Security Flaws

Documents obtained through an FOIA requiest by Judicial Watch confirms that the government knew in advance that the website had enormous security holes in it, but they went ahead and encouraged people to use the site anyway.

Hey! It’s not their personal and private information that was at risk from hackers. Why should they care?

Washington Examiner:

Top Obama administration officials were notified well in advance of the Affordable Care Act website’s “massive security risks” and they allowed the site to be released on the public regardless, documents released Monday by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch show.

“These are more smoking gun documents that the Obama administration knowingly put the privacy of millions of Americans at risk through Obamacare’s ‘marketplace,’” the group’s president, Tom Fitton, said in a statement.

“And these documents show that this administration was concerned about the political problems of the security flaws but couldn’t care less about the threat to privacy of millions of innocent Americans. Given what we now know about Obamacare’s security, I have little doubt that is in danger of being in violation of federal privacy laws. If you share private information on or a related Obamacare site, you should assume that your private information is unsecure and at risk at being hacked,” the statement added.