Did Congress Lie About Key Facts to Obtain Obamacare Exemption?

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., wants to know why members of Congress and their staff are exempted from Obamacare.

Vitter, who launched an investigation this week, said in a statement that “false information may have been filed with the D.C. Health Benefits Exchange to allow Congress to be exempt from [the] Obamacare exchange.”

The chairman of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee cited a court filing obtained by Judicial Watch that admits Congress—with more than 16,000 employees—doesn’t fit the District of Columbia’s definition of a “small employer,” an organization with less than 50.

In order for Congress may remain exempt from Obamacare, Vitter alleges that “House and Senate officials submitted false information, including fake names, birthdays, zip codes, and had signed under the electronic signature claiming they had provided ‘correct answers to all questions.’”