Democrats Push Bill to Repeal Hobby Lobby Ruling

Congressional Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday to repeal part of a key religious freedom law and require for-profit companies to pay for their employees’ birth control under Obamacare.

Seeking to push back against last month’s Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, Democrats introduced bills in both the Senate, where leaders have vowed to take action, and in the House, where it’s unlikely Republicans will hold a vote on the legislation.

“This bill will ensure that employee access to critical health services is not at the mercy of their bosses’ religious beliefs,” the House sponsors said in a statement. “Congress never intended to allow corporate employers to block employee access to critical preventive services like birth control. We hope that our colleagues will join us in acting quickly to correct the Supreme Court’s decision.”

The Department of Health and Human Services tried to force for-profit companies to provide free contraceptives through an executive action, but a divided Supreme Court ruled that this regulation violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which says the government must accommodate sincerely held religious beliefs under most circumstances.