Cruz, Lee Hit HHS Nominee Burwell Over Obamacare Transparency

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee sent a letter Friday asking Health and Human Services secretary nominee Sylvia Burwell to come clean about how she would implement Obamacare if confirmed.

“So far, Ms. Burwell’s testimony has been less than forthcoming and suggests she plans to follow the lead of her predecessor in blocking Congress’s ability to do proper oversight for the America people,” the senators wrote in a statement. “The questions we propose in the letter have not only been asked repeatedly, but deal with issues she should have been prepared to answer at her hearings but did not.”

Cruz and Lee asked the current Office of Management and Budgetdirector a host of questions about the status of the health care law, asking for her commitment to provide data about the health care exchanges to Congress and the public before confirmed by the full Senate.

The duo asked that Burwell promise to reveal information on the final enrollment tally, taking into account duplicate enrollments reported by insurance officials; percentages of paid premiums, broken down by age; the number of previously uninsured exchange customers; and a list of insurers who offer elective abortion in their coverage, which current HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius reportedly promised to provide but did not.