Court Rips EPA for Approving Dow Insecticide Linked to Honeybee Deaths

A federal appeals court this week assailed the Environmental Protection Agency for approving a Dow AgroSciences insecticide linked to honeybee deaths, charging that the agency’s action was based on flawed and inadequate data.

The decision by a three judge panel in San Francisco was a huge win for beekeepers who have argued that the new type of insecticide targeted in the case one of the causes of “Colony Collapse Disorder” blamed for the deaths of millions of hives.

It was a huge blow to Dow, which touted its pesticide Sulfoxaflor to investors. The company’s stock took a hit on Wall Street today.

And the EPA also was smacked for approving the chemical that is part of a family of pesticides called neonicotinoids before it had fully tested the impact.