Court Lifts Quarantine of Nurse in Maine Who Treated Ebola Patients

The Maine nurse who has resisted a state-ordered quarantine will no longer be forced to stay home and avoid contact with the public, her lawyer told the Portland Press Herald.

A district judge said Friday that he would enforce looser restrictions for 33-year-old Kaci Hickox than the state had initially requested, signaling a temporary end to the days-long standoff between Hickox and Gov. Paul LePage (R).

The new rules will still require Hickox to be monitored daily for symptoms and to coordinate with health departments in any area where she plans to travel.

But the order reverses a previous decision that would have upheld the state’s isolation policy. It will stand at least until Tuesday, Nov. 4, when the court will hold a full hearing on the state’s petition.

Her attorney, David Soley said, Chief District Court Judge Charles LaVerdiere “was aware of misconceptions and bad science being spread from shore to shore,” according to the Press Herald.

“The judge said people are taking actions out of fear that is not rational and inappropriate,” Soley said.