Conservatives Slam Boy Scouts Leader’s Comments on Gay Adults

Conservative and religious organizations Thursday blasted Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates for calling for an end to the group’s ban on gay adults, with an official of the Southern Baptist Convention telling Newsmax that it was “an incremental step” toward full Scout participation by homosexuals.

“We are disappointed, but we’re not surprised,” said Roger Oldham, a vice president of the SBC, which represents the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. “The Boy Scouts telegraphed two years ago that this was their end-game goal, and the compromise they reached two years ago ended up being the first step toward where they really were heading all along.”

John Stemberger, chairman of the Trail Life USA, said the Florida-based group was “saddened by the announcement regarding the anticipated membership change in Boy Scouts of America, as many families and boys will be negatively affected by this departure from their own long-standing principles.

“It is tragic that the BSA is willing to risk the safety and security of its boys because of peer pressure from activist groups,” Stemberger added. “Trail Life USA remains committed to timeless Christian values.”