Congress Calls Itself A Small Business, Fleeces Taxpayers For Obamacare Subsidies

A conservative non-profit watchdog group is challenging what it views as the fraudulent registration of Congress as a small business in the District of Columbia’s Obamacare health insurance exchange.

Being considered a small business makes it possible for the exchange to give D.C. tax dollars to Congress to help pay for health insurance under Obamacare for members of Congress and their staff.

Judicial Watch announced its action with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Monday in challenging the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange’s use of local tax dollars in an effort designed to allow more than 12,000 members of Congress, staffers and their dependents to participate in the Small Business Exchange.

That figure represents approximately 86 percent of the 14,289 people enrolled in the district’s Small Business Exchange between Oct. 1 2013 and Sept. 9, 2014, according to Judicial Watch.