Company Says It Can Thwart Death by Freezing Brains

An entrepreneur says his new artificial intelligence company will be able to resurrect the dead by 2045 by preserving human brains before their owners die.

“There are promising breakthroughs happening every year in neuroscience and biotechnology,” John Bocanegra told The Daily Express. “We plan to implement these breakthroughs as we work towards performing the first surgical prcedure of restoring and implanting a human brain to a new biolnic body.”

Bocanegra’s company, Humai, aims to “extend and enhance life” by using cryogenics to freeze human brains for extended periods of time, and then putting them into artificial bodies.

He said that if his company can preserve the brain before its human body dies, and then transplant it into a bionic body, then it can “achieve a point where no one has to die at all.”