CNN’s Hill Hints Blacks ‘Funding Our Own Genocide,’ Pushes Arrest Conspiracy Theory

Appearing as a guest on Friday’s Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield on CNN to discuss Chicago protests that threaten to disrupt Black Friday shopping, liberal CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill suggested that the police had arrested the killer of a nine-year-old boy to divert attention from the recent release of the police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

He also seemed to suggest that by shopping that blacks are “funding our own genocide” as he brushed off concerns about the protesters hurting the shopping season.

Although he claimed a bit later not to be a “conspiracy theorist,” the liberal CNN commentator nevertheless advanced a conspiracy theory after host Ashleigh Banfield asked if the arrest might produce any feeling of “goodwill” toward the police. Hill:

Well, first of all, I don’t know how much we should applaud Chicago police for doing the job that they’re supposed to do. I’m glad that they’re doing their job in some instances as opposed to what we saw here with Laquan McDonald. But a more cynical reading of what’s happened is they decided to make an arrest and make an announcement that diverts attention away from their own misdeeds, number one, and number two, that re-centers the conversation so once again we’re talking about gang violence and black on black violence instead of state violence against black people because as soon as they announced, “Oh, we got the killer of a gang-related shooting,” then suddenly people say, “See, you people are killing yourselves. Therefore, we shouldn’t be putting so much attention on the fact that law enforcement are killing people or shooting them 16 times, 14 of which are done when they’re on the ground.”