CNN Investigates Michael Brown Autopsy Assistant Now, After Months Of Using Him As An Expert

An assistant medical examiner who helped perform a private autopsy on Michael Brown and whose medical credentials were called into question by CNN this week wonders why the network is only now bringing accusations against him to light.

“Why are you guys bringing this old stuff up, but yet you guys used me on your program several times?” Shawn Parcells, the Kansas-based assistant examiner, said of CNN in an interview with The Daily Caller on Friday.

Parcells aided forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in the Aug. 17 autopsy on Brown, who was shot to death on Aug. 9 by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.

The CNN report aired Wednesday, two days after a St. Louis County grand jury decided against indicting Wilson in Brown’s death.

After their four hour autopsy, Baden and Parcells determined that Wilson had shot Brown six times.

The autopsy findings were announced the day after the examination in a high-profile press conference at which Parcells took center stage. Introducing himself at the press conference as a professor, Parcells became a prominent figure in the case, conducting numerous interviews to discuss the findings of the autopsy.