Clinton Calling for Tax Break to Help Families Care for Ailing Relatives

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Sunday is expected to propose a new tax cut for millions of middle-class families caring for ailing parents and grandparents.

An aide to the Democratic front-runner said the tax credit would help families offset up to $6,000 to pay for coordinating or providing care for aging or disabled family members.

Caregivers would also see added Social Security benefits under Clinton’s plan, which is expected to be rolled out a town hall meeting in Iowa on Sunday afternoon, the aide said. The former secretary of State will also call to reforms to support paid and unpaid caregivers and recognize their contributions.

The Clinton aide said that family members often spend time out of the workforce, cut back on hours, or use personal days, vacation, and family time to provide care. Family finances can be strained, the aide added, with caregivers suffering lost wages, health insurance, and Social Security benefits.