Christie: States Should Decide Whether Schools Should Be Gun-Free Zones

GOP presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that he is in favor of military servicemen and women being allowed to carry weapons on military bases but he would leave it up to states to decide whether schools should be gun-free zones or not.

“I think, for the military — I have said this before after the attacks that we had earlier in Tennessee — that it seems ridiculous to me that military folks can’t carry a weapon with them. They’re trained to do it. They’re the best trained people, and so I would certainly be in favor of our military folks being able to carry weapons in those circumstances,” said Christie, “and on the gun-free school zones, I think that’s something that each state should be able to look at on its own.”

Host John Dickerson also asked Christie whether he agreed with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s suggestion of getting rid of gun-free zones in schools and on military bases. He also asked Christie to explain his own record on assault weapons.

“When we last talked, you said that originally you wanted to keep an assault weapons ban, said those who wanted to get rid of it were crazy. You said, since then, you had learned as a prosecutor — you had evolved on that issue. In 2009, though, you were still a supporter of the assault weapons ban. That was after you had been a prosecutor,” said Dickerson.