Christie Pressed on Exact Drug Policies

Chris Christie had a very mixed political week, which started with a viral video of him describing losing an extremely successful friend to drug abuse that was roundly well-received, but ended with him being tossed from the main stage at the next GOP debate for low poll numbers.

Often seen as one of the more prohibitionist presidential candidates on drugs, Christie was pressed on his exact drug policies, as the viral video and his response to the loss of his friend seemed to indicate an extreme empathy with users and a possible support for decriminalization.

“My larger point is this is a disease,” Christie said on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace. “For the addicts, the people who are the small-time users … we need to give them treatment.”

“We need to think differently about this, but it’s also why I’m opposed to drug legalization,” Christie said. “We have to have more of this, not less of it. We can’t be sending missed signals.”