Chris Christie Should Let Americans In On His Weight Loss Journey

If two out of three adults are considered to be overweight in America, it is no surprise that losing weight tops New Year’s resolutions every year.

Regardless of age, race, or gender, the battle of the bulge unites many of us. Heck, I even hired a personal trainer since I can’t get it together on my own. And while most of us will abandon our nutrition and exercise routines before January is over, there is a man whose dedication to health in 2015 could make all the difference in the 2016 elections.

His name is Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, and signs point to a presidential run. But if he is going to be a contender, he should consider diversifying his tough-guy image, and it’s going to take more than mastering the art of the hug. What better way than to let us in on his weight loss journey?

Governor Christie is no stranger to his size being the topic of discussion, but not on his own terms. Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine took shots at Christie’s girth in one most memorable negative campaign ad airing in 2009. Unflattering images of the future governor, including him exiting a car in slow motion, not so subtly magnified his size in the 30-second spot. The nail in the coffin? The ominous-sounding voice narrating, “Christie threw his weight around.” The Corzine camp tried to defend the video saying it was about Christie’s corruption as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, but the irony was not lost on the audience.