CDC: Hispanics in US Living Longer Than Whites

Hispanics in the United States are living an average of two years longer than white people, despite having less access to healthcare, according to the first national survey of the population’s health.

Figures released by the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday state Hispanics have a mortality rate than is 25 percent lower than for the white population, though Hispanics are three times less likely to have health insurance and twice as likely to be in poverty.

The data demonstrate what has been called the “Hispanic paradox,” the center’s Director Dr. Tom Frieden said.

“A lot of that — perhaps even most of it — is the lower smoking rate,” Frieden told reporters Tuesday.

The Hispanic population has a lower death rate than whites for most leading causes of death, with even better health reported among Hispanics who were born abroad. Foreign-born Hispanics are generally less likely to suffer from cancer, heart disease, obesity and hypertension, though they are more likely to face barriers to healthcare.